Sunday, September 4, 2011

Back To School Is Coming!

Sorry I have'nt posted something in a while but...I'm not very good with this yet.

So, my first day of high school(Freshman!!!) is going to be the 7th of September and I am super excited...Something about having all new supplies and clothes is just...well,exciting.

I have my first day of school outfit picked out and I cant wait to wear it (I will show you a picture of me on the first day)

This year I have A LOT  of goals...Here they are:

1.Maintain a 4.0 G.P.A
2.Join the S.G.A(Student Government Association)
3.Join the newspaper (even though I am almost positive no one reads it,it will still look good on my college application)
4.Be the best swimmer on my swim team
5.Get the perfect attendance award
6.Get better at Science and Math...grrrr
7.Show up to school everyday looking polished
8.Study every day

Well...I dont know if I have showed you a picture of my puppy yet.
 Lol XD the look on my face is priceless.
But anyway,his name is Buster(my mom says Busta...she has a slight city accent)He is a Doxin Beagle mix...Its called a Doxil.He's a brat,and a handful...But he's gut a lot of personality...He cries at night when he has to pee,but mostly when he wants some company...And if you visit my house,you will probably hear his name being shouted."Buster NO!""Busta Knock it off" "BUSTER STOP IT"

lol but we love him anyway..

Any way...until next time...

*My Name Is Destiny And I Approve This Message*