Monday, August 15, 2011

Girls Night In

So today, I am having a sleep over with Lizzy and Kiki...So far, we've done Imani's(my stepsister's make up and hair),played with my puppy (buster) and listened to music...I don't know what else we are going to do but...we're crazy teen girls...anything is possible(not meant to be filthy minds). Tomorrow we're doing a high fashion photo shoot so that I can submit it to Ford modeling...hope we get some seriously amazing future depends on it...wish us luck :)

untill later,bye...

I'm Destiny Armstrong  and I approve this message ;)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My First Post

So, I've never really done the whole blogging thing but I'm gonna give it a try...My name is Destiny Amrstrong...(I know it's kind of cliche to announce the whole my  name is...I am...years old,but I feel obligated to share it) And I am 14 years young (I guess putting a spin on the age statement makes it less cliche...Right?) Anywho, I am definitely not going to tell you were I live because that would just be stupid...I mean come on you cant tell me you have never heard of pedophiles....So now lets start with some more important things about me...
1.I am not a real girly girl but I am a bit spoiled and a self proclaimed diva.(Those are the hardest things to swallow about me...if you can get past that small detail...i'm a great friend:)

2. Although the first fact about me is true, I am down to earth and am very easy to talk to because empathy was ingrained in me as a little kid.

3.I have 3 half siblings,3 step siblings,and one blood brother...but my cousin is practically my sister...we live together and everything...

4.The most ironic thing that has happened in my life so far is that: both my dad and my stepdad are named Sean,and they both have twin sons and a daughter who is older than the brothers...creepy mom sure knows how to pick em :)

5.My cousin Quieana is both my closest friend and my sister...( incest took place in my family...she is my cousin i told you above but I consider her my sister)

6.I model and I aspire to be an actress as well(I'll do an entry on my goals and such later)

7.If I had to chose between my laptop, my cell phone,and my t.v,I would keep my laptop.(you acn chat and face time on the compyter and you can see episodes of shows online)

8.I love magazines like Seventeen, and Ellegirl etc.

9.I laugh...A LOT more than the average person(my cousin and I will be in dead silence ad start laughing non-stop for hours,no exaggeration)

10.I love to try new things whether its food,clothes,or just things to do.

...and yeah thats all I really think I need to share...
But just so you know,any thing I say during my blogs entries are not meant to be offensive,I speak my mind and give my true opinions so if you are easily offended,my blog is NOT for you...I might not alway use perfect grammer or punctuation but when I get caught up in giving my opinion, I forget to use what I've learned in English class :)
I say what I feel and if you dont agree,keep it to yourself unless you can engage in a respectful debate with me,Im not perfect nor is my name Google so i dont know every thing.And if I am wrong I will appreciate it if you tell me so. If I really am wrong, I will change my entry. I will never use racial slurs so no worries...and if you are going to comment on my blog entries, then put downs,it wont phase me so its quite useless to share the insults..

But thanks for reading,I promise my other entries wont be this boring,I will do fashion hauls, rate and review products,movies,shows,etc.,and basically share what happens in my life...I'll talk about videos on youtube,songs,do occasional rants,and other stuff as it pops into my head...
*I'm Destiny Armstrong, and I approve this message ;)